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December Photo Galleries Added

December Photo Galleries Added

We’ve added our latest batch of photos to the website, including the pictures from the last days on the excavation before it concluded Dec. 31, 2012. In her concluding remarks to KDC viewers, Dr. Mazar said:

We are ending now the excavations of 2012, but this is not a goodbye–because we are going to continue revealing more of ancient Jerusalem and continuing our excavation during 2013. We surely hope you enjoyed what we tried to share with you and show you in real time: our excavations, findings and atmosphere, everything related. And we’re going to continue doing so. So, see you soon, and hope you enjoyed!

December 2012: Digging

December 2012: Farewell … For Now

A small part of our crew remains in Jerusalem to help Dr. Mazar process the finds of the 2012 excavation. Stay tuned for future updates and pictures as we continue working with Dr. Mazar to catalogue the finds of the dig.



  1. JSFCR says:

    Hope to see more soon. This is an awesome site and the connection to Biblical physical finds to present to the world. I pray it gets back up and running. 😉

  2. TLM says:

    Enjoyed this all very much!! Thank you for sharing the task of making a real family unit work together & helping us understand even more; seeking all the treasures of the past present and future.

  3. Dan says:

    YES YES, we DID enjoy very very much coming to this site every week not just to see photos but to see videos and not just see videos but seeing HD videos and not just HD videos but very professional looking videos put together by the very talented students and staff. And yes, we will miss our weekly dosage of excitement, but we will anticipate the next phase in 2013. Not good bye, but rather til we meet again….

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