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Conclusion of the Ophel Excavation 2012

Area A supervisor Amir Kohen Klonymus describes a fire pit discovered on the Ophel Excavation that was filled with ash, pieces of pottery, pieces of wood and what appears to be grapes that could date to almost three thousand years ago. Ophel Excavation sponsors Daniel Mintz and Meredith Berkman and their family also visit the site, while Dr. Eilat Mazar gives a summation of this phase of the dig.


  1. Esther Wright says:

    Excellent! Absolutely incredible and wonderfully inspiring! Thank you for your combined collaborative dedication and hard work, and for creating a real-time venue to observe from a distance the operations and findings of this excavation. It is a privilege to be included (albeit from an armchair) in this work, watching what everyone is discovering and hearing the joy and excitement in those discoveries from young, old and in-between. Diggers, keep on digging! We can’t wait to see what next this year will bring.

  2. Kurt Simmons says:

    A successful 2012 at the Ophel site. I enjoyed seeing the dig sponsors and Dr. Mazar describing what has been uncovered so far. Thanks to Dr. Mazar’s expertise and all of those involved, including our Armstrong College alumni and students, progress was made involving Israel’s history in Jerusalem.

  3. Dan says:

    Can’t wait for 2013 dig to get started. Fantastic to see down to bedrock. Thank you Daniel and Meredith and Dr Mazar and all. Very moving to see the heart and soul you all put into this very rewarding effort and this shared Vision. So interesting to see the high level of development and the large number of rooms. Clearly what we have found so far tells us that there is so much more waiting to be uncovered and discovered. Yes, we hope to see you again very soon.

  4. Jen says:

    It brought tears to my eyes to hear Mr. Mintz and Dr. Mazar refer to the Amassadors! How exciting! We are raising all of the ruins left behind after Mr. Armstrong’s death! it is inspiring to be a part of this and know that it will continue. Thank you to all the workers, volunteers and sponsors!

  5. Absolutely awesome!
    Having these videos has been a wonderful way to keep this project in our minds and prayers. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop.
    Really looking forward to seeing more detail on what you all uncovered as the findings are processed!

  6. susan garcia says:

    Wow, we even get to see the sponsers family! Beautiful and very emotional. It’s hard to leave…YET, eagerly look forward to what comes next in this year of 2013. Especially the write up on the artifacts found. Thank you sincerely for this experience. Susan Garcia

  7. M. Burns says:

    I can’t express how grateful l am to everyone involved in the dig and the production of the video updates. All of the staff and students showed great dedication and professionalism. It has also been a pleasure to watch the development of the video content and production quality which easily meets or even exceeds that of main stream media. Thank you all for being the greatest of ambassadors.

  8. DSchow says:

    I look forward to 2013 transcending 2012 in great discoveries. All of the arduous efforts have been worthy and so very much appreciated! These videos fill us with delight and excitement. Thank you Thank you Thank you

  9. Mailani Garcia says:

    Amazing….I enjoyed this very much =) and I’m looking forward to the excavation of 2013. Thank you so much for sharing all of it with us.

  10. Paula says:

    Thank you Dr Mazar and everyone that was involved in this wonderful project. The articles, videos and photos made us feel we were with you all. As Dr Mazar said “its not goodbye” looking forward to the next stage of this great adventure in 2013. Thank you again

  11. Dorothy says:

    Tears in the eye, while watching this massive site, your narration, fantastic videos and pictures of the process and all everyone has done. Thanks to your Sponsor and the workers! Thanks to the web site for providing this wonderful continuing adventure into the time of King David and Jerusalem. Waiting for the results and next “dig” 2013

  12. Calvin Atkinson says:

    Wow! from grapes to raisens to little petrified things! Amazing… sure has been a pleasure to watch these updates & looking foreward to whatever comes in 2013. Bridgebuilder diggers…looks like you’ve done a very commendable job! Thank you Dr. Mazar for your very enlightening explanations of what we are seeing and for your graciousness toward AC! We are all so appreciative & wish you the best of things to come… Shalom (o:

  13. KVerbout says:

    2012 surely brought great satisfaction to the whole dig team! There is SO much to be thankful for! In this video, it was especially exciting to watch a sponsor comment on the project. Like Dr. Mazar said, “this is not good bye…”, so until next time…

  14. Emma Morris says:

    Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this dig and have worked so hard to bring it to life for “the rest of us”, also. It has been an experience that we have all shared a small piece of. We look forward to the next installment and all that it too, will bring to life.

  15. abchrysler says:

    Thanks to everyone for all that you are doing to better our understanding of this challenging area. There is little doubt now, thanks to all of you, that Jerusalem was a city of great importance during the 10th century BC.

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