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Has Eilat Mazar Discovered Archaeological Evidence of Isaiah the Prophet?

The Old Testament record shows that King Hezekiah was a contemporary of Isaiah the prophet. The Biblical books of Kings, Chronicles, and Isaiah show that this prophet played a central role in Hezekiah’s remarkable reign over Judah.

Today we have indisputable scientific evidence proving the existence of King Hezekiah. But what about Hezekiah’s chief counselor, and one of the Bible’s greatest prophets? Is there archaeological evidence proving the existence of the prophet Isaiah?

In the above video, Dr. Eilat Mazar discusses the dramatic recent discovery of the likely seal impression of Isaiah the Prophet.

To understand more about this discovery, please read “Has Eilat Mazar Discovered Archaeological Evidence of Isaiah the Prophet?

Click here to read Dr. Mazar’s official study of the bulla in Volume II of the Final Report of the Ophel Excavations 2009-2013


  1. Dan says:

    The public is hungry for the truth and for this astonishing news! It is inspiring to have true history and true evidence analyzed and released to the public and to hear this verificed information from top news sources. The bible is the greatest and most accurate NEWS SOURCE and HISTORY BOOK of all time. Many proofs of the bible have been hiding on university shelves and it is high time to dig it out of its hiding places and get it to the world.

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