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City of David and Ophel Excavation Sites

HWAC alumnus and dig volunteer Harley Breth points out the location of the two dig sites that HWAC students have volunteered on in previous years under the direction of Dr. Eilat Mazar.


  1. David Price says:

    Shalom and Hag shemeach!
    Wonderful, wonderful site. Great to have interviews with Dr Mazar on and your videos showing both detail and perspectives. Can you show details of finds close up? For example the ring gem, once its clean. My suggestion for an interview with Dr Mazar: What exactly is Ophel? There are several ideas about its derivation in Hebrew. How sure are you about the identification of the Ophel geographically and topographically?
    Look forward to some exciting episodes in the future and some interesting finds. Many thanks for this service for those of us abroad in Europe and elsewhere.

  2. Dan says:

    The City of David and Ophel website Video was very helpful to me. Totally different geographically from what I envisioned.Also, I did not realize that there was a road in between the 2 sites. Would really appreciate more videos showing the different areas in the City of David such as area g in relation to the other dig sites. Would also be great to present some video showing the Gihon Spring area in relation to the City of David dig site. The area is much more complex and varied in elevation that I had imagined.

  3. Kurt Simmons says:

    Thanks for the visual perspective! It is interesting to recognize the elevation changes and proximity of the excavation sites in the video to the Temple Mount and the Ophel.

  4. Username* says:

    As I’ve been studying the geography of Jerusalem it’s hard to grasp the actual distance things are from each other, because there is so much crammed in there! This video and more like it are appreciated!!

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