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The Ophel Dig 2018

Herbert W. Armstrong College, under the direction of Eilat Mazar, has begun another phase of excavation at the Ophel dig site.


  1. Steve says:

    Just “discovered” this video today! Thank you Dr. Mazar and crew for keeping us updated on the progress of the dig. It is very interesting watching the actual work going on and to see history coming to light! Please keep those videos coming!!

  2. Emma says:

    Thank you Dr Mazar, for helping us to more readily visualise some of the specifics of the dig and to help us feel included. We’re so excited to see the updates on the website and our children can’t wait to see the treasures that are unearthed.

  3. Rob says:

    Nick… great update. Its wonderful to see first hand the dig site and listen to Dr. Mazar’s excitement about discovering the history of the cave and the Ophel. Thank you for the video.

    • Nick Irwin says:

      Glad you enjoyed the video! However, it was actually filmed and edited by Gino Chi–so he should get the credit. Stay tuned for some soon-coming photos!

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