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Ophel Purification Baths

Two mikvah purification baths located next each other in Area B were cleared off in October, along with a third that was discovered in Area A. Another especially large bath located on the site is 10 by 10 meters. It is the only purification bath known of that is above ground.


  1. Wow! It is amazing that they build a huge purification bath and used it for anyone ‘s benefit. What will be the benefit of using it for us now if we are there? I can imagine that if we are using it with spring fed water , we would feel energizing all day : ) I would love to be there to experience just like they did.

  2. chrysolite says:

    It is amazing what you guys are doing there. Purification baths? I can just imagine what it look like in its finished form in ancient time. It could be iinside the palace ground,like a swimming pool!

  3. David R Negron says:

    Thanks for the update, this is so awesome!
    Question: how was the watered supplied to the baths?
    Keep up the fantastic work, with the videos it feels that one can journey across the street and find you working!!!

  4. Michael says:

    I am curious to know if these baths were used only by the jews through out history of this is something that also used in times when Jerusalem was occupied by other cultures? It’s also curious how close these might have been to the temple, as we know the first and second temple were both burned and plundered for gold. All of their stones were removed, and some say were used in the building of the Islamic buildings now in the same general area.

  5. susan garcia says:

    I’m a little confused the 2 baths shown first going down steps (small ones) were cleared in October. Or, did that include the largest one? Great being part of this on a regular basis. Susan G

    • Rachel Dattolo says:

      Hello Susan! Sorry for the confusion. The video shows 4 different baths–two are located side by side in Area B, and a third (the one with the remains of an arch) is in Area A. The biggest one is located in between the two areas, and is the one Dr. Mazar discusses in the video. Hopefully that clears it up! I’ve updated the description to give a little more detail as well.

  6. Michael says:

    Very nice to be able to see the progress of the excavation. Thank you for the steady supply of updates on this ongoing effort.

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