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News of the Ophel excavation is beginning to spread! Over the weekend, we had a surge in traffic here at “The Key to David’s City,” thanks to a nice feature published in Popular Archaeology on Friday. The article summarizes Dr. Mazar’s findings from the first phase—most notably the 70-meter-long and 6-meter-high wall that was constructed during the reign of King Solomon—and quotes one statement Dr. Mazar made to KDC about the potential for discovering more royal structures during this phase.

Despite the controversial nature of digging near the Temple Mount, the periodical says, this excavation is “expected to reveal finds that will further illuminate the historicity of an ancient monumental city that continues to lie at the center of the world’s three largest religions.”

The article concludes by highlighting the contribution Herbert W. Armstrong College has made in support of Dr. Mazar’s excavations—here in Jerusalem and in Edmond, Oklahoma:

…Armstrong College will be publishing updates of dig activities and events at an online site, “The Key to David’s City,” soon after they occur, for public consumption. Over 20 representatives from the college are volunteering at the excavation site.

Some of the artifacts from previous excavations are now exhibited at the Armstrong College campus, including First Temple period artifacts such as the two Hebrew bullae of Gedaliah and Jehucal, individuals noted in the writings of the prophet Jeremiah, and discovered during excavations at the site that has been suggested by Mazar to be the remains of the palace of King David.


  1. dkings7 says:

    Cant wait to see what the next phase will bring and more royal structures yet to be found like Doctor Mazar said, time will tell and will be soon.

  2. Marilyn says:

    This is a wonderful development, and so soon into the Ophel dig. Good news spreads fast! Thank you all for your continuing efforts and enthusiasm for the work.

  3. Kurt Simmons says:

    Already, we are beginning to see the fruits of the beneficial partnership between Dr. Mazar and Herbert W. Armstrong college!

  4. Calvin Atkinson says:

    Well now! AC and the Ophel excavation are definatly on the map! I just got a glimpse of Mr. Armstrong’s face beaming over this one! To the future!….and beyond!

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