uncovering ancient Jerusalem

Introducing the Ophel Excavation

Dr. Mazar provides an overview of the dig site and a summary of the first week on the dig.


  1. Philip N. says:

    Thank you Dr. Mazar for giving us a wonderful opportunity to take a glimpse of the past through archaeology. It does make the Bible come alive!

  2. Jesse Delgado says:

    These videos are amazing!

    A sincere thank you to all those who are involved in making these videos available… Thank you Dr. Mazar for your willingness to participate and share these videos with those of us in the world who are interested in these historical findings and for your contagious enthusiasm for archaeology.

    It is evident you love what you do and it is obvious that your grandfather made a tremendous impact in your life to follow in his footsteps as an archaeologist.

    Even though I am thousands of miles away I feel like I have a front row seat to the incredible and breathe taking findings Dr. Mazar and her Fabulous Team will unearth in the near future!

  3. Dr. Mazar, thank you for sharing this intimate look into your work with the world. We appreciate greatly the effort you are putting into making these updates possible. It is the next best thing to being there! We look forward to each week’s news! Thank you again!

  4. Rey.V. says:

    This is so exciting to see the doors God through Christ is opening up with Dr.Mazar and the Armstrong Students. Keep up the “Great Work” and you all are in our prayers daily.

  5. Marcene says:

    This is so GREAT!! Now we can visit any time we want! You guys have done a WONDERFUL job in such a short time! I know God is with you keeping you safe and happy! Thank you Dr. Mazar!

  6. Aimee says:

    Now it’s become nail-biting to see what else is unearthed. Funny to see recognizable heads and faces in the background too”:-)

  7. April Jolly says:

    An amazing find already! Really, really good to see and even feel all the excitement going around there. Keep up the good
    work Crew!

  8. TL says:

    This was a fabulous video update! We appreciate the regular updates, we feel like we are there experiencing the dig with you. Dr. Mazar is so interesting to listen to as she explains all that is being done. Keep up all the hard work, we wish we could be there with you all.

  9. Edwin Trebels says:

    This website is the best thing that happened to archaeology since the process of wet-sifting! 🙂

    Hi Dr. Mazar and team!

  10. Calvin Atkinson says:

    Sure is nice to be able to visit the dig sight & glad to hear of your new improved conditions this time! We all appreciate your efforts in making us a part of your adventure of a lifetime! A carnelian! Nice find! The imagination runs wild at what might be lying beaneath you! Good digging crew….don’t miss anything! :o)

  11. Marilyn says:

    We really appreciate the weekly updates from the Ophel dig.
    Thank you for sharing the finds with us and we look forward to seeing what is discovered this coming week.
    It was nice to hear Dr Mazar mention the willing help she is receiving from the students and the great progress on the site.
    Happy digging!

  12. Kurt Simmons says:

    I just love the Dr. Mazar’s enthusiasm and the information that is being provided by this website. Also, I love the name of the website, the Key to David’s City!

  13. Elizabeth Walker says:

    I just got my first view of the weekly video and can’t believe my eyes. Not only is the dig site beautiful, Dr. Mazar’s enthusiasm is contagious. My husband and I will definitely make this website our end of the week routine. Thanks to all the workers for their hard work and dedication. Looking forward to further updates!

  14. Wendy Miletich says:

    Definitely the most exciting archealogical programme. The filming, and intimacy really do make it feel as if we’re not viewers, but standing nearby watching. Seeing people moving around, and the wind blowing takes it to a whole new level. And to think it is all happening not in a paddock, but where people are living, quite unique! Wendy M

  15. Lisa Jacques says:

    On top of this being a facinating excavation, such a fast turnaround in publishing at this quality must be the best the world has ever seen. I can’t wait to see what is meant to be shown the world.

  16. Madeleine says:

    How inspiring, truly exciting!
    Let your light shine and thank you so much for sharing this in real time with us.
    It started with a most beautiful gem … I wonder and imagine how this will continue … awesome.

  17. Mary V says:

    What a gift you are giving us! To be able to follow along on this great endeavor is absolutely priceless. Technology has opened a window for us to watch the dig this time as it is happening. How inspiring to hear about the overview and then to have the privilege of hearing from Eilat Mazar herself as she shows us what has just been found. Amazing! Thank you so very much and may God bless all your efforts as you uncover true history.

  18. jsaranga says:

    Pro 20:15 There is gold, and a multitude of rubies: but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel.

    Thank you so much for providing this education with vision!! Thanks for making a way for so many of us to visit Jerusalem up close and even visit with Dr. Mazar, an inspiring lady. It’s also amazing to see the relationship that Mr. Armstrong began carried on. Way to go Mr. Flurry and way to go students for making an impact! You can sure tell that Dr. Mazar is encouraged by you and so are we who get to peek in through this window.

  19. Julia Yeary says:

    Dr. Mazar has emphasized the importance of the smallest of things. Everything detailed and accounted for. “Beaten fine,” so to speak. Studied, planned, photographed and graphed. Nothing forgotten or left to chance. Great inspiration for our own daily lives. Great video. Looking forward to much more to come. Since we cannot be there physically, this is the next best thing!

  20. Ros A says:

    Thank you for a wonderful clear video of the site. Also a huge vote of appreciation to Dr. Mazar for her professionalism and clear explanations of her work and the student involvement there as well. What a way to finish our week with the update and we are eagerly anticipating the next. Also the JeruCrew and Mr. Stephen Flurry, thank you for bringing this to us!

  21. David Wright says:

    This website and these video and pictorial updates are absolutely sensational!!!

    No one has seen archeaology portrayed like this before. Can’t help thinking these small beginnings will culminate into something huge.

    The detail and the facts presented with Dr. Mazar’s infectious passion are captivating.

    Can I suggest this website show a detailed aerial site plan from the south wall of the “Temple Mount” to the City of David excavations including the Ophel excavation with perhaps a detailed floor plan of this excavation. I think it will be a wonderful suppliment to the details presented.

    Many thanks for all this effort, it’s like we are there with you!

  22. Dan says:

    Thanks for this latest video on this super exciting dig. Wish we could clone Dr. Mazar so she could visit the United States. It would be great to meet her in person, and shake her hand and talk to her and hear her present live and in person. However, I know she needs to be on the job and doing this work of restoring these ancient and historic ruins that are buried in Jerusalem. The whole world needs to read the truth that is in God’s word about the preparations that King David made and what he and his son Solomon built and then be able to see the walls and the foundation physically with their own eyes.

  23. emma says:

    How exciting … To end the week with such a find. Thank you for sharing with us. Dr Mazar’s enthusiasm is so exciting and infectious …

  24. dkings7 says:

    I can’t help but thank God again and again for Doctor Mazar, just listening to her excitement and zeal and motivation is enough to stir us. We can’t be all there helping but we certainly can pray for them and support them 110% of the way. Like she said there’s no excuses now and no turning back, everything is ready to go. Can’t wait to see what the next phase is, especially when the publications get out. Conditions are better and manpower stronger, keep up the good work.

  25. bfriesen says:

    Really enjoying this site. Thanks so much for all the videos and updates. Look forward to seeing more upcoming news on the dig!

  26. Krunner419 says:

    How awesome we have found a gem at the dig site. I am sure it is only the beginning of many more gems to come. We are definitely in the time of small beginnings!

  27. KVerbout says:

    LOVE the enthusiasm Dr. Mazar! It was helpful to lay out the land for us … the location of things and such. We also appreciate you sharing with us the beautiful “gem” … can’t wait to see a close up picture of it! Until next week! 🙂

  28. RWoods says:

    Thank you for the video. It’s exciting to see the work and to hear and see updates on the dig!
    (Keep up the great work.) Dr. Mazar amd Mr. Stephen Flurry, brethren waiting with anticipation for more discoveries.

  29. Sarah says:

    Super fantastic! What a way to end the weekly report: with a finding!

    Once again, it’s so wonderful to hear from Dr. Mazar herself–she just radiates excitement and passion for this! Love the humor too: “Byzantine–modern stuff.” LOL

    Thanks for mentioning, by the way, that the Byzantine period came just after the first temple–I didn’t know that.

    Getting an inside look on the dig has given me a deeper appreciation for archeaology and the work that’s going on over there.

    This is most exciting! Looking forward to next week’s findings. 🙂

  30. jerry holloway says:

    Fast work, yes and bedrock, Oh how surprised we are. And the workers are not lazy. Good example for God’s work. I am so excited that we are there. Mr. Armstrong led the way, and your father was and is loyal to Mr. Armstrong. Man, I wish I was there. Thank you for updates.

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