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Interviewing the Ophel Excavation Staff – Part 1

HWAC dig volunteers Elizabeth Blondeau and Callum Wood kick off a series of interviews, putting some of the other diggers and staff on the Ophel Excavation dig site in front of the camera. Here is part 1–stay tuned for further installments.


  1. Calvin Atkinson says:

    Thanks all involved!…Enjoying the times of your life and your role in history making? (I’m envious!)…in a good way!.. All success to you diggers!

  2. alura says:

    Thank you JeruCrew for helping us to get to know some of the diggers and staff better. Keep up the good work, we’ll keep you in our prayers! 🙂

  3. KVerbout says:

    I really enjoyed that! It’s very important to see “who” our diggers are rubbing shoulders with. All of them seem like super nice people(appears Brent has a fan 🙂 Interesting also that a few of them would love to find the ark of the covenant as well!

  4. Heather the Mom says:

    Well done! It’s amazing to think that as these students and workers dig up history, they are actually making history! Absolutely legendary!

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