uncovering ancient Jerusalem

Exploring the Area B Cave

Brent Nagtegaal, Area B supervisor, takes you on a tour of the recent developments in the cave on the Ophel Excavation.


  1. Dan Aldrich says:

    A million citizens of Jerusalem died during the Roman attack in 70 AD according to Josephus. Every house in Jerusalem had a cistern to collect rain water because it is a desert climate. Prior to the roman destruction in 70 Ad, Jerusalem had over a million visitors during each of the 3 Holy Day Seasons of Passover, Weeks and Tabernacles. These Holy Day visitors required tremendous amounts of drinking water. The Ophel area was a beehive of activity during these Holy Days and year round.

  2. David Sheppart says:

    Talk about digging deep, I speculate and say you are going to uncover something great and the historical value will speak volumes as your work continues. Very exciting!

  3. Madeleine says:

    I have a question for Dr. Mazar:
    Greetings Dr. Mazar and all involved in this fascinating dig.
    When I read the Bible about the kings of Judah it always ends with: “and he slept with his fathers and was buried with them in the City of David his father.
    Did you or someone else find this common burial ground?
    Thank you for your answer.

  4. emma says:

    Each video you share with us is so exciting. We are able to see the history being unveiled before your very eyes. Much love from Australia to you all.

  5. Aubrey says:

    Wow, this is really exciting! There’s just something mysterious and haunting about tunnels—especially when you show us what they were likely used for. Can’t wait to learn more about your discoveries. Thanks for making the history come alive.

  6. Kelvin Eames says:

    Fantastic work everyone.
    This is powerful, exciting and very sobering history you are all digging up over there!
    Thanks for the much awaited update, really appreciated.

  7. Victor Vejil says:

    Excellent video and commentary! It was easy to follow and understand the history you brought to life. Very cool to see HWAC students excavating in tunnels again. Can’t wait to see what else you uncover!

  8. Joel Hilliker says:

    Thanks for piecing that together for us! Rather chilling when you put those tunnels in their historical context.

  9. Dave Szabo says:

    Makes you wonder how it would have been like to be there during that period – chilling!

  10. Harley says:

    Excellent commentary! I couldn’t help but think how unique and useful this blog is, compared with so many other excavation blogs I’ve seen. Well done …

  11. Misty Anthony says:

    Great to see you all back in Jerusalem & digging! Thank you, for that is hard work you are doing. Enjoyed the video-very interesting!

  12. susan garcia says:

    As I listen and see what the inhabitants did trying to survive the siege, it reminds me of the extremes the Jews took during the holocaust to escape and survive the Nazi’s camps.

  13. Gab says:

    WOW! This is such amazing work! Way to go guys. It looks great. Continue the hard work 🙂

  14. Kurt Simmons says:

    Very interesting information on this cave and the Herodian period, as well as, the history from Josephus!

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