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About Us

What Is Herbert W. Armstrong College?

Herbert W. Armstrong College was established in 2001 as a privately supported co-educational institution offering courses in theology, liberal arts, and applied arts and sciences. The college is patterned after Ambassador College established by the late Herbert W. Armstrong, which was closed after his death. In addition to theology, its curriculum includes history, literature, language, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, music and physical education. The college continually supplies student volunteers to excavations in Jerusalem under Dr. Eilat Mazar. Armstrong College is located on a 171 acre campus just north of Oklahoma City. For more information about the college call 1-405-285-6000 or visit www.hwacollege.org.

What Is the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation?

The Armstrong International Cultural Foundation is a non-profit, humanitarian organization sponsored by the Philadelphia Church of God with executive offices located on the Herbert W. Armstrong campus in Edmond, Okla. The Armstrong International Cultural Foundation’s activities center around cultural enrichment at home in Oklahoma and abroad. Currently, the foundation’s goals are achieved through a series of performing arts concerts at Armstrong Auditorium in Edmond and archaeological excavations in Israel. The foundation provides volunteers for excavations conducted by Dr. Eilat Mazar in the city of Jerusalem. The foundation began in 1996 under the name Philadelphia Foundation, and has assisted the Al-Hussein Society in Amman, Jordan with volunteers to work with physically and mentally handicapped Jordanian children. The Foundation has also helped with the refurbishing of Liberty Bell Park in the heart of Jerusalem, a project Herbert W. Armstrong had started with Mayor Teddy Kollek. For more information about the foundation call 1-405-285-1010 or visit www.armstrongauditorium.org.

What Is the Philadelphia Church of God?

The Philadelphia Church of God is a non-denominational Christian church with its world headquarters on the campus of Herbert W. Armstrong College in Edmond, Okla. The church has over 300 congregations worldwide and produces a weekly half-hour television program, The Key of David, broadcast internationally on over 300 television stations. Over 330,000 subscribers receive the church’s monthly Philadelphia Trumpet magazine, which examines the Bible prophecies being fulfilled in world events today and includes articles on Christian living. The Philadelphia Church of God was founded in 1989 when Oklahoma City pastor Gerald Flurry was excommunicated from the Worldwide Church of God for resisting sweeping doctrinal changes away from what its founder, Herbert W. Armstrong, taught. For more information about the church call 1-405-340-7474 or visit www.pcog.org.